Back Pain pregnancy

I’m Pregnant and have back pain – should I be worried?!

Pregnancy and back pain

Back pain in pregnancy is very common especially in the early and later stages. It can be ‘normal’, but it should not be ignored and put down to “it’s just a part of being pregnant”.

During pregnancy, the ligaments in your body become a lot softer and stretch to allow your body to prepare for the growth of your baby and inevitably your labour. This can put increased strain on your lower back, pelvis and other joints in the body. This increased pressure can cause discomfort and also changes in posture (which in itself can open a can of worms!).

Pelvic girdle pain is a common complaint amongst pregnant women. This is where the joints that make up the pelvis do no work equally – some may gave stiffened up or others may be moving too much. This discomfort often starts around the third trimester but can be earlier, and often gets more uncomfortable throughout the course of the pregnancy. 

Another familiar niggle pregnant women experience is round ligament pain. Round ligaments are two cord like structures that attach the uterus to the front of the pelvis. As baby grows, they can become tight or tender no you may feel as twinge when moving to the left side, right side or both.

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What can I do to help relieve my pregnancy related pains?

Changing how women sit, stand and move around can help relieve or prevent the pain from worsening or can relieve the pain completely. Chiropractic care can also help with this! Chiropractic care coupled with home advice can benefit mum and baby.

At Pure Wellness, we welcome everybody, from babies to the elderly, pregnant patients to professional athletes. Chiropractors aim to optimise the function of the nervous system. We do this by improving the function of joints that are not functioning correctly by releasing them or stabilising them. We also coach and advise you on safe and effective exercises that you can do at home to help you along the way.

As much as your body changes throughout the course of your pregnancy, it is important to remember it will change after too, so it is as important to keep in touch with your Chiropractor, who can help support you and your changing body!

If you have any questions about Chiropractic Care or wonder if this suits you, please feel free to contact us or book a discovery visit via our website to chat with one of the team.

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