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We’re nothing without the people behind our team. We love helping people with their physical issues almost as much as we love getting to know them. Whatever your situation, our friendly team of experts, from chiropractors to office assistants, will help you find a solution.

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Dr. Hannah Beard DC (MCHIRO)
Doctor of Chiropractic

I’m Dr. Hannah Beard and my journey into Chiropractic started when I was aged just 14 years old when i went to see a Chiropractor for the first time after suffering repetitive groin injuries during hockey matches. I was amazed by the thorough and detailed examination and report the Chiropractor gave to me as it explained that the problem was actually coming from hyper-pronation in my foot which was resulting in a misalignment in my pelvis and abnormal function in the muscles of my groin. This instantly sparked my interest in the human body and how the root cause of a problem isn’t necessarily where the symptoms lie.

I studied for 4 years at the Anglo-European College of chiropractic to gain my Masters Degree in Chiropractic and a passion for healing and helping people of all ages. After finishing my degree I went back to my home town Oldham, Manchester to work with the same Chiropractor who had helped me all those years ago. After helping the community of Oldham for over 3 years with conditions such as Low back pain, Neck pain, headaches and shoulder impingement, I moved back down to Bournemouth, where I studied to start a new venture in my wellness practice.

As a Chiropractor I believe that to have optimal healing and function you need a healthy and functioning nervous system and to achieve that , the spine which protects the nervous system , needs to be in alignment allowing full nerve flow. This then helps the body heal conditions such as low back pain , neck pain and headaches but for me I wasn’t helping people enough. Many of my clients would get great relief from their pain but still struggled with their weight , loss of energy , lack of sleep and increasing doses of medications for heart conditions and diabetes. Although I gave them advice to help with these symptoms and conditions many of them seemed to ‘forget’ or they ‘didn’t have time’ so for me i knew I had to do more and give people more than what I was already doing. From this Pure Chiropractic was born , a centre that allows to people

to really reach their optimum health potential by giving them the resources , support and knowledge to have a functioning and healthy nervous system , the right nutrition and physical exercise and a healthy state of mind all under one roof.

Dr. Claire Simmons DC (MCHIRO)
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Claire graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2012.  She worked for 6 years across Australia in family wellness practices before relocating back to the UK in 2018.

Her style of practice focuses on working with the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) to release stored tension patterns that are not only creating pain in your body, but also feelings of stress, anxiety and lack of clarity.

How does it all work?

It is through our nervous system that we perceive, adapt, and interact with our world. Our nervous system is extremely clever at making adaptations according to the environment, therefore protecting you. When the body perceives a threat in life, be it physical, chemical or emotional, it reacts by physically changing posture from ease to defence. Often pain and other symptoms begin when the body gets to a point where it can no longer absorb any more stress. They are messages from the body saying “Stop! Pay attention and make a change!” We know that in life, some experiences stick with us more than others.  Dr Claire uses a combination of gentle, connected techniques to bring the nervous system back into balance.   In turn creating increased flexibility in body, mind and life. A happier, healthier you!

Dr Claire also loves working with babies and supporting women throughout pregnancy.

If you are interested in finding out more, book in for a complimentary Discovery Session with Dr Claire by giving the clinic a call.

Nicola Sadler | Assistant Manager

Becky Lankester | Well-Being Assistant